Official Postponement Announcement of the 2020 C6 International Conference

We are all facing a pretty hard time nowadays due to coronavirus crisis. This crisis has affected everyone in their personal and business plans and all of us have been working a lot to keep ourselves optimistic and active in our own projects. For that reason, taking the current worldwide scenery into consideration regarding to coronavirus crisis, the current instability in several sectors of worldwide economy as a straight result of this pandemic and the way as this crisis has deeply affected the logistics field and all the services aggregated to it, including the worldwide freight forwarders, as well as all the tourism industry, such as the hotel business, air companies and tour agencies, we conclude not to be fair to demand from our partners that they attend to this year conference, even because the recommendations given by the medical authorities and the political determinations concerned to what is allowed to do and what is not allowed to do have been changing quite often in a short period of time and they will probably continue changing according to the control of the pandemic, which means, for instance, that we do not know how the offer of flights will be in the next months or if the borders among the countries will be freely open at the time of the conference, beyond other concerns related to safety conditions for foreign travelers. For all these reasons, we officially announce the postponement of the 2020 conference for September of next year.

Upcoming – 2021 C6 International Conference

C6 staff is already working for taking all necessary steps to organize the 2021 conference looking for conciliating the best conditions to offer the best possibilities for everyone to attend. We emphasize again that the conferences bring great opportunities for strengthening the business, for closing new agreements and making new friends. More information about where and when the 2021 conference will take place will be available soon.

Beforehand, thank you very much.
C6 management

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