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With a team of highly qualified professionals with years of experience in the international cargo logistics market, the C6 Logistic Networks brings together independent freight forwarders well established in the export and import segment, companies committed to professional ethics, agility and excellence in the provision of its services. Our team works with the spirit of serving generously, dealing with each challenge with gratitude and willingness to learn and being led by work and relationship principles that value every need of our partners. We are not only concerned with goals, which are arrival points, but also with principles, which are starting points.

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Agility, serving spirit and focus on excellence. In C6 Logistic Networks, we are committed to making your company even stronger

These are some of the professional values ??that lead us. We consider the agility in satisfying the needs of our partners a non-negotiable priority. In a world where global communication is instant and uninterrupted, optimizing time is critical to business success. The serving spirit is also a priority value. In our group, each associate is unique and therefore important in its expectations and demands. In this way, we work by studying, researching and reflecting on how we may be able to improve our services in order to cooperate in the best possible way for the growth of our partners. Finally, we place our focus on excellence. Therefore, for C6 Logistic Networks team, it is not enough to offer only a good service, but also offer something that produces the satisfaction of our associates in order to reach the excellence. With this goal in mind, we shall not be in our comfort zone, on the contrary, we shall always be moving towards the highest levels of quality. Let us help you strengthen your business and achieve the highest levels of customer satisfaction as well.

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The C6 logistic networks team is highly committed to bring to its worldwide members many special benefits.

The need to strengthen the international export and import market presents new challenges for the globalized world every day. Laws governing foreign trade are reviewed all the time, daily changes in foreign exchange generate uncertainties and business fluidity is compromised whenever political instabilities occur. In order to satisfy the demands, uncertainties and tendencies of international commercial relations in the contemporary world, C6LN team is dedicated to the search for cargo agents whose essential professional values ??are similar to the principles that lead us. In this way, we do encourage our partners to introduce us potential new members so that we can strengthen our group together and benefit each other. Our group has its doors completely open for companies committed with the excellence. We invite you to know more about us and discover by yourself the advantages of being a C6 member.


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    C6 Logistics Networks is an International Freight Forwarders Group created with the purpose of offering all kind of services that can promote the growth and strengthening of cargo agents from all over the world in the export and import segment.


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